Stop WHERE on Red?

Jagoff, Jagoffs, Pittsburgh Traffic, Pittsburgh Drivers,

Jagoff, Jagoffs, Pittsburgh Traffic, Pittsburgh Drivers,

I have picked on some truck drivers on this blog… driving slow in the fast lane, up hill, etc. etc.  But today…. our first Truck Driver Jagoff catch!!!!!!  The truck drivers weren’t going to stay quiet for long.

And, as the Jagoff-estrator lines point, out, our Jagoff Catcher makes a GREAT catch!!!  Here’s the info that came with the pic:

I’m a CDL driver and I see this a lot. This drives me crazy. That sign that says ”Stop here” is there for a reason !! When I make a turn and can’t execute my turn because jagoffs have pulled a car length or two in front of the white line.  Then when I need them to back up so I can continue and finish my turn, these  Jagoffs pull forward. Really ?? Really, this is what you thought was the best  choice ??? Pull forward and watch and give me a look like this is all my fault  ??!?!
OK feel better ….lol Thank You

See?  That’s what we’re all about here.. making people feel better…giving them an outlet for the anger!!!

Plain as day folks, we got ourselves a driving dumb aaaasssssk me about it (we’re a family website). This guy must burn his mouth on Mickey D’s coffee everyday cause we can see he sure doesn’t read to well. We’ve all been victims of the eating-a-burger-smoking-cigarette-oh-my-god-it’s-a-red-light-scenario. But this knuckle head must be using Fred Flintstone brakes!

We’ll give ya the benefit of the doubt though. Hey red-lighted-stepchild-driver, (see what we did right there?) we don’t think you’re a bad driver, you just don’t give TWO TURDS about anyone else which earns you a spot on our blog, YaJagoff!

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