Definition of a Runner:

  • A person who has five pairs of “retired” running shoes in the closet plus the ones currently in use.
  • A person who used a fake sickness to get out of running a mile in gym class but now pays money to run 6.2 miles.
  • A person who wakes up early on Sunday morning to go for a run.
  • A person who comes home exhausted from work in the office and then changes clothes and goes for a five-mile run.
  • A person who has the patience to run for an hour but can’t stand to wait in line for five minutes at the grocery store.
  • A person who will spend $35 to enter a race that only lasts 30 minutes but won’t spend $7 to go to a movie that lasts 2 hours.
  • A person who will spend $25 to enter a race on a trail that you run for free any other time.

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