Donald J. Trump- Just The Enema America Needs.

He said he was gonna do it and, dad-gum if he didn’t gone and dooded it. The Donald provided the laxatorial stimulus needed to remove decades of inner stagnant, potentially cancerous fecal growth that had been festering our governmental tract tenaciously. Then he put his own agents to work to replace it with a faster acting drain cleaner that would not only eradicate the whole plumbing of the inner workings of Washington but eat away at the entire body of Federal government better than flesh-eating bacteria ever could.

But the Donald is accomplishing much more than just that. He is purging the entire body of the U.S. populace of its effluence. For instance, this whole silly knowing of facts; that there is a central truth to things that can be ascertained if one put his mind to it. Why go through all that work? Half truths are fluttering around like butterflies; just grab whatever suits your whim. Certain avenues of the media such as newspapers are going into rigor mortis; why not help them to their early grave? Get rid of reporters who make their living finding errors in the El Presidente’s messages. There is still plenty of room for them down at the soup lines with the other lower caste types who have lost their jobs at the newspapers.

Who cares about ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’? The are just words that once related to things in our country during the Revolutionary War days but are now just hackneyed phrases meant to stimulate the ignorant into action and to silence those really wanting it.

Are you having a problem with scientists finding problems with shady ingredients in our foods with our drugs and with the pollution in our environment? Just finance your own scientists that can come up with their own withering rebuttals provided they are paid enough. Be sure to use your own voice to ridicule the dissenting ones and drown out their chatter.

What about truths presented to the public that contradicts what you have said before in a speech as being absolutely honest and makes you look like an ass? Such things are corrosive to building a political or economic empire and should be eradicated. Maybe we should take a cue from the Saudi government and make it standard policy to have American consulates double as dissident elimination centers.

Maybe it is time to purge a few other things too. Like the idea that money grows on trees and can just keep getting handed out to people without a depletion in someones else funds. Or the idea that free rides go one forever. Or that we can treat other countries like they are second rate citizens of the world we all share. Or the idea that a strong personality and media presence makes one a worthy candidate for leading the country (Take warning , Ms. O! As much as I like you this includes you too!)


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