Just in Time for Mother-in-Law’s Day: Matter-Sucking Mini Black Holes

As every good son-in-law knows, Mother-in-Law’s Day is rapidly approaching.  It’s this Sunday, October 25th.

Mother-in-law (not shown actual size)


What-you haven’t started shopping yet?  The good presents may already be gone!

What do you get for the mother-in-law who has everything?  Under the laws of physics, it can only be something that has not previously appeared in a Restoration Hardware catalog.

Thanks to the friendly physicists who created Europe’s Large Hadron Collider, an $8 billion machine that smashes protons together at the speed of light, there is something new in the universe; mini-black holes that could all get together and turn into a “matter-sucking maelstrom” someday, according to a law suit filed against them.  The physicists, not the black holes.  No lawyer with half a brain is going to file a lawsuit against a black hole.

Technically speaking, a black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful nothing can escape from it.  To get a feeling for what one is like, hold your hand up to a vacuum cleaner suction tube, flip the switch, then spiral inward along with light and hot gases from nearby orbiting stars.  Pretty neat, huh?

The new mini-black holes are funded by top research universities.  Wouldn’t you know it–the people who have learned how to vacuum all the money out of our wallets for college tuition are using that knowledge to suck all life out of the universe.  Who says science doesn’t make our everyday lives better?  I mean, in addition to Tang.

Aside from their inherent wicked awesomeness, single-serving black holes are a great gift for a mother-in-law who already has a donut-maker and all the other counter-top appliances she’ll ever need.  Imagine your ”second mom’s” surprise when you hand her the gift box:

She already has one of these.

MOTHER-IN-LAW:  What’s this sweetie?

SON-IN-LAW:  Something I picked up for Mother-in-Law Day.

MOTHER-IN-LAW:  Well, that was awfully nice of you!


MOTHER-IN-LAW:  What is it?

SON-IN-LAW:  A mini black hole!

MOTHER-IN-LAW:  Honey, you shouldn’t have!

SON-IN-LAW:  Aw, you’re worth it.


SON-IN-LAW:  Here–let me show you how to turn it on.

MOTHER-IN-LAW:  Does it need batteries?

SON-IN-LAW:  Two size D’s.  I already put them in.

MOTHER-IN-LAW:  You think of everything!

SON-IN-LAW:  Like the Boy Scouts say–be prepared.  Let’s turn it on “Low” for starters.


WIFE (from kitchen):  What’s that noise?

SON-IN-LAW:  I’m showing your mom how to use something that will keep her busy for a while.

WIFE: How long?  I’m about to put dinner on the table.

SON-IN-LAW:  Oh, until the end of all life in the universe as we know it.

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