HumorOutcasts Interview with Author Dave Jaffe “Sleeping Between Giants”


Our guest on this episode of the podcast is Dave Jaffe. During this interview Dave talks about his style of humor, his love of dogs, and offers up some writing tips for aspiring writers.

Dave Jaffe is a writer, columnist, former Chicago reporter, and humorist who has written for online media, print, television, and radio. Dave’s work has appeared in an assortment of outlets, including HumorOutcasts, HuffPost, National Public Radio, and The National Lampoon.

During this discussion we also talk about Dave’s book, “Sleeping between Giants, Book I: Budleigh, the Early Year.” The book was the Indies Today 2019 Best Humor Book Award winner; a 2020 International Book Awards finalist in both the Humor and Animals/Pets categories; an Independent Author Network 2020 Book of the Year finalist in Humor/Comedy/Satire; and an American Book Fest 2020 Best Book Awards finalist for Humor.

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