Marjorie Taylor Greene Grills Delta Airlines CEO on Source of Delta Variant

In a Congressional hearing yesterday on airline ticket prices, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene stunned all those in attendance when she accused Delta CEO Ed Bastian of covering up his company’s role in spreading the COVID-19 Delta variant.

Holding up a photo of a dead bat, Greene asserted that Delta aircraft had been dropping thousands of rotting, disease-ridden bats onto Southern farmland every night for the past three months.  “Why would you do this?” she screamed.  “I want to know, and the American people want to know!”

Bastian calmly responded: “With all due respect, Representative Greene, you are f***king insane.  Our flight attendants may occasionally shove an unruly Lynyrd Skynyrd fan out of the Emergency Exit door when flying over Alabama or Mississippi, but there is NO WAY they would ever touch a bat, dead or alive.”

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