Comments For A Sunny June Day

Comments For A Sunny Day


Trump calls the January 6th hearings a ‘disgraceful performance’.

That coming from the man who put ‘diss’ in ‘disgraceful’.


Putin sees his mission in Ukraine “as the recovery of Russian lands”.

Most see his mission  as getting his head out of his rectum…..


Putin promises Belarus nuclear missiles to hold back ‘aggresive’ West.

Bela what? Where is that at again? And they are afraid we are going to do what?
How would we do anything when we don’t even know where it is at?


Opinion piece in USA Today- “Can’t blame Trump for Jan. 6th riots and election lies. He was just ‘following the Internet.’
“Following?” The way lemmings follow their leader? The way a hen’s eyes follow a hypnotist’s finger? Like those following Lieutenant Calley to the My Lai massacre?


Chinese military says US plane in the Taiwan Strait endangered peace.
What? We were just copying what the Mainland Chinese military does every other hour! Are they supposed to be the only ones having fun?


Israel to let more Palestinians work in manufacturing because of labor shortage.
I’d be more impressed if Israel let the Palesintians live on land that is theirs; THAT would be something!


Arizona Speaker clarifies statement he made that he’d vote Trump over Biden in 2024; ‘It’s like Sophie’s Choice’!

Does that mean he wants to see Biden sent to a Nazi Concentration Camp like Sophie’s daughter?


North Korea Vows ‘revenge’ On Anniversary of Korean War.For what? Making the movie ‘Team America- World Police’?

World leaders make fun of new photos of Putin bare chested.
“Hey Putie! We can score some steroids for ya! Looks like you could use some!”


Ukraine accuses Russia of dragging Belarus into war after missile launches from neighbor.
Yeah, Lukaschenko ought to watch himself- One false step on our part and he and his small country might get crushed like a bug and no one would notice…….

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