Drive Safer and Get a Divorce?

In January, we switched our car insurance and in doing so, we received a request from our new company, Liberty Mutual, to download their “safety app” so they could measure our driving skills.  I hate being tested each time I get behind the wheel, but if it results in a yearly discount, I will comply.

The first thing I noticed about this app is that it pitted my husband and me against each other.  After we each drove our cars, we were awarded “excellent,” “good,” or “fair” points.  Mr. competitive got the gold medal, and I received the lowly silver medal.  Apparently, I had a hard-braking incident. After my “hard brake,” the app sent me a sweet note detailing the two-second rule, which in case any of you are interested, provides the minimum distance that will give you enough time to react and take action if something should happen ahead of you on the road.

Wasn’t that considerate of the app? Do you know who would have truly benefited from the two-second rule note? The deer who ran in front of my car that caused me to have to hard brake. Perhaps, instead of telling me the rule, Liberty Mutual should put out a bulletin to all deer. Better yet, host a webinar or Ted Talk for all road critters. Offer a buffet lunch and make their emu spokesbird host and the Gecko from Geico  co-host, and I bet they would pack the seats.

Okay, I am being selfish, but I am so tired of everything in life being a competition. Is it healthy to pit spouses against each other or parents against children or animals in the wild against drivers on the road?  I realize some people thrive on competition. I prefer peace. I do not even allow all the competition shows on TV to air in my home. I do not care who cooks, sings, dances  or kisses the best, or performs the scariest, death-defying, moronic stunt. I bear them no ill will…well, actually I do. 

Will I continue with the road competition with my husband? Yes, because there is a monetary reward if we both do our part, and also, I plan on kicking him to the curb and laughing aloud in my best evil cackle when I regain that gold medal.  Okay, I might be a little competitive. 

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