The road less travelled, because it isn’t built.

Look mom, no roads


The Liberal party of Canada has a new “plan” for Canada.

We gathered a random group of Canadian toddlers, future voters, to ask what they think of the Liberal’s new “plan”.

The plan: Lots of money for electric cars and batteries. Force people to buy electric cars. Grow the country by millions of people. No more money for roads. More money to $80,000 app, developed for $60 million.


Here’s what the toddlers said:

Jimmie: I like flying cars. Are they flying cars?

Carla: This sounds like the mess I just made in my diapers.

Nigel: My daddy likes to swear and drive in the bike lane. Will this mean less swearing?

Timmy: My baby carriage. Will it be electric?

Miranda: I once threw up 60 million peas and my daddy said, what a waste!

Nuban: Socioeconomically speaking, the transfer of populations across the earth makes sense and is, in some ways, a natural occurrence. Just like when the first hominids ventured out of Africa so long ago. Sorry, that’s a tautology. Ontologically speaking, humans are, in the core of their being, curious and adventurous animals. But the need for critical infrastructure to support these migrations are of supreme importance. Hopefully the right decisions will be made.

Nuban is in the gifted program.


There you have it, folks. The first reactions to the Liberal “plan” for the great nation of Canada. 

How will these toddlers vote when they are of age? Will they move? We can only guess.

With such common sense analysis, I’m ready to vote them in now.


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