How Will History View Steve Jobs?

Sure, today many are mourning the loss of Steve Jobs, innovator and visionary.
But what if years from now, history has a completely different view of Steve Jobs?

“Back in the 2000s, some people actually still did work. No, seriously, it’s true. But with the exponential growth of the iPhone, iPod, and the rest of the iThings … soon almost all able-bodied men and women were spending every waking hour sharing the details of their diet, activities, and whereabouts…and bebopping to their favorite songs instead of getting any actual work done. Productivity in the western world went into a tailspin, resulting in a decade-long global depression which inevitably led to the apocalyptic nightmare we now experience daily.

No one tapped into the mysterious cravings of the human soul more readily than Steve Jobs. Unfortunately it turns out that the the cravings of the human soul are to do not one worthwhile Goddamn thing.”

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4 thoughts on “How Will History View Steve Jobs?”

  1. I wonder if there is any hope of human beings going back to how we once were? Nah, we just go on to the next and better iPhone.

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