When the Tea Pot’s Empty, What’s Next?

When the Tea Pot's Empty
When the Tea Pot's Empty

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Ms Stephanie Queen on her brilliant article “Cheering for Death.” It gave me food for thought and this is how things could pan out.

I say letting people die because they have no insurance is not really all that bad of an idea, just think of the amount of tax payers’ dollars that would be saved. Let us see how this would work.  Illegal aliens would not get free health care. Medicaid and Medicare would be stopped. If retirees didn’t have good health insurance plans all the empty hospices could be used as low cost housing. Most of the private hospitals would be taken over by the corporate run hospitals. Without the influx of cash from Medicaid and Medicare these corporate hospitals would be free to charge (or over charge) as they please. As the prices go up the population of patients goes down.  I believe this is called “cost” and effect. It’s the cost that’s affecting it!

The next stage would be the large amount of space needed for the burial of all those people who have passed on due to the lack of insurance. Slowly, the working class and the middle class would die off, don’t worry about the homeless, they went months before.

So what have we got so far? A work force that is fast disappearing, real estate prices going up by leaps and bounds, sky rocketing hospital bills – $2,000.00 for an aspirin . . .  WHAT!  Another $2,500.00 to look at a picture of the doctor . . . WOW!

Now comes the good part, with the exception of a few rare and healthy people who don’t require hospital treatment, who never had to pay health insurance and know how to grow food, the world population is down to all the billionaires who are now living without power or food.  The farmers went the way of the dodo along with the sanitation workers, road repair crews and oil refinery workers.  All their fancy cars are sitting in their fancy garages doing absolutely nothing!  The trophy wife who is trying to catch dinner at the local zoo is eaten by lions, (no meal tonight at least not for the billionaire) and the husband screaming, “Where the hell is the pool boy” who by the way was also eaten by lions, wink, wink.

Well that leaves the Tea Party nuts with no one to lord over and thinking IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT THINGS WENT DOWN THE PAN WHEN WE TOOK POWER!!!!!!!

Oh, as for the wife and I . . . we went with Rick Snee back in time and purchased a little place called Kansas we are all living happy fruitful lives in the year 1865.

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9 thoughts on “When the Tea Pot’s Empty, What’s Next?”

  1. Have you sent this post to the Tea Party people, Peter? They might adopt it as their national platform. Scary thing is I think a lot of their followers might go for it. Very good read and welcome to HO

    1. Ummmmm no I think it best if they come up with this one on their own. If people realise that I had anything to do with this I might find myself with a one way ticket to Alaska. Thank you ma’am 🙂

  2. You won’t have to worry about burial plots. I’m sure some creative wealthy and industrious person will come up with a great new menu item – you know, like DLCP on Rye (dead lower class people of course). As long as they have a good publicist, the meal should attract like flies on rot.

    1. Theresa, What a great idea I will take out a franchise on the idea and to show just how nice I am we will have a 60/40 split. 🙂

  3. Very good post Pete! I can tell this has been bothering you for a while right? You are now officially part of the mess that is America. I bet yo miss the royal family now, right?

    1. Well to be honest I can be a total mess on my own. It would be nice if the royal family would give me my old job back. What job I hear you ask? Why village idiot of course. Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂

  4. Pete, when you stated that the homeless people went months ago, the phrase Soylent Green is PEOPLE comes to mind . . . 😉

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