Adam Sandler is simply remarkable

Sugartastic Daddy John has only gone and landed himself a dream job. He’s paid to watch films and then collect film critics quotes about the film and then put the quote on the back of the DVD box of the film. As is always the case with the Daddy, there is an issue. He doesn’t like films. Well, that’s not entirely true. As is the case with people who don’t like films, he does like films with the comedic actor of comedy films, Adam Sandler and can oft be heard eulogizing about his brilliant comic timing and overall appeal to audiences of all ages. This morning, he watched Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’ and he didn’t like it at all because the comedic actor of comedy films, Adam Sandler wasn’t in it. The Daddy however, was not going to let something like that get in the way and carried on regardless:


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