Bribe Money Works

I’m not saying that Sugartastic Daddy John was hired to cover up an incident and make it look like an accident but he was and he was paid well. The way he saw it, he had two choices and two choices only. He could make up an elaborate story with more twists and turns than 17 twists and 76.5 turns or he could grease the hands of corrupt officials, with bucket loads of cash and ask then to turn a blind eye while he concocted an elaborate story with more twists and turns than 17 twists and 76.5 turns. He decided to do what he did and did it well:


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6 thoughts on “Bribe Money Works”

  1. And a decapitation does not send up a red flag of suspicion? Now, I know where to take all those people who I dreamed about getting rid of but didn’t because of the prospect of jail time. I will hold a lunch at that apartment building, and if everyone winds up dead, it won’t be suspicious. I like that.

    1. Well, the Borgias were known to invite people to dinner who were never seen alive again, and nobody ever arrested them, right?

  2. Let’s see. A man who was the last tenant trying to hold on to an apartment in a building that some real estate developer wanted to turn into luxury condos or a mall or something just decided to help everyone out by decapitating himself.

    Um … you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is a little bit off here.

    1. That’s very cynical Kathy. There are plenty of people out there who would be only too happy to take their own head off, to help their fellow man/woman/estate developer!

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