Celebrity Flashcards

Last year when my friend Akil Bello, a test prep expert, tweeted the following brilliant message, I knew he was onto something big….

Word of the day: turpitude – wickedness, vice, vileness, wrongdoing…CBS fired Charlie Sheen for moral turpitude. #vocab #life #SAT #GRE

I’m hoping one day we can partner to create a surefire way to increase SAT vocabulary scores in a socially relevant way–


Here’s a sneak preview of some other winning cards.

SAT Word: Peculate – embezzle or steal: A fancy schmancy jeweler has accused Lindsay Lohan of peculating a necklace.

SAT Word: Chanteuse – a female singer of popular songs: My dog’s howling suggests Kim Kardashian is no chanteuse.

SAT Word: Simper – smile coquettishly, smirk, giggle: Victoria Beckham rarely simpers.

SAT Word: Peckish – hungry: I strongly suspect every emaciated Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, New York City, New Jersey, Orange County, Washington D.C., and Atlanta,  is a bit peckish.

More to come, after I phone TMZ, Dictionary.com, and College Board. I feel a start-up coming on…

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