Cramp Week on PMSN

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Join us for Cramp Week on PMSN, where on Monday, we will discover how many shades of red leave stains and which ones can actually be removed if you catch them in time.

Tuesday we will follow a 15 year old, a 35 year old, and a 50 year old, all experiencing the same monthly game, but in oh, so many, different ways.

Wednesday and Thursday on PMSN, enjoy our Powder Puff match when ten boyfriends and husbands go against each other in ten races, such as the “throw the tamponade into the thin, hard to open receptacle ,”or the  competitive game “how do I tell my significant other I have once again missed the time of the month.”

Friday will be our fantastic finale here on PMSN where if you don’t go with the flow, then Bo certainly don’t know. There will be cycling, a spelling bee with Aunt Flo, a “what’s on the rag” contest, a “surf that crimson wave” competition and so much more.

Join us, on PMSN.  Home to all your questions each time of the month.

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