Me, my giraffe and I

When I was supposed to be growing up, I didn’t want a pony like my sister because a pony like my sister would have been weird. I wanted a giraffe and I got one too but there was a catch; I couldn’t tell anyone about it. This was all that was wrong with the world. I eventually got a giraffe and then I had to keep it to myself! Not cool at all but life went on until I woke up one morning and the giraffe was nowhere to be found. I cried until I was given sweets and then I cried some more but it didn’t change a thing and from that day on, I was giraffeless. Time doesn’t heal, it just papers over the cracks and even now when I look at everyday events, I can almost see my giraffe:

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4 thoughts on “Me, my giraffe and I”

  1. Some kids have imaginary friends. Others have imaginary giraffes. If we are lucky, we never grow out of this.

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