The New Face of Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood is in the limelight and has received a record number of donations since being spurned by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Numerous PR experts have offered to help Planned Parenthood build on their new-found popularity suggesting they use celebrity spokespeople to demonstrate why they are so needed in the world today. It should be noted that some of the PR people, who have supposedly come to the aid of Planned Parenthood, live in Georgia and voted for the VP of the breast cancer charity when she ran for governor on a platform of getting rid of Planned Parenthood, so their ideas might be suspect.  Anyway, below is a list of celebrities who the PR people are considering to represent the new and powerful Planned Parenthood.

Snooki and/or Lindsay Lohan: These two women tied for the most votes by the PR experts since both stars drive home the importance of STD screenings.

The Duggar Family: Nothing screams “Give me my freaking birth control pill” like a family of 21 kids all under the age of 25. If the Duggars are not available due to a potential prior commitment to speak on why sane people might someday need AA, the cast of Eight is Enough will do. Sure, they seemed happy on camera, but it was only in later years we learned about the backstabbing and illicit sex behind the scenes which only proved that a little family planning might have saved a lot of stints in rehab.

The canine actors who played Marley the puppy in the movie Marley and Me: Who doesn’t love a yellow lab puppy? If this face doesn’t melt your heart and make you want to fork over thousands to Planned Parenthood, you should be sitting on the board of the Susan G. Komen foundation because obviously you have no heart.

Pink – the singer: I am pretty sure this is self explanatory, and if you don’t get the color concept, you must be one of those people who hibernate in October when everything from NFL players to toilet paper is pink.

Paula Abdul: Well, she just needs a job.

I am sure there are more celebrity suggestions that would work fine. Feel free to offer your ideas on who should be the new face of Planned Parenthood.


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