There Are No “Words With Friends” — At Least for Me

An outcast – that is what I am.  While my husband and daughter playfully “Word” each other during the day, I am out of the loop because I own a Blackberry.  Sure, this Blackberry is better than my pink razor phone which lasted five years until it took an unceremonious swim in the washing machine, but it was a hand me down from my daughter when she switched to the iPhone, and as smart as the Blackberry is, it doesn’t play  “Words”.  I know some might say, “So what? It’s a stupid game.”

But it’s not just a game. “Words with Friends” is a social activity which, as its name implies, tells you that you have friends. Blackberry people don’t have friends. Sure, they have a similar game on their system, but I only know two other Blackberry people now, and I am unsure if I want to make more connections to any new Blackberry people because most are jumping ship to the iPhone or Droid or something similar faster than I can text “It’s not fair!”  They say it’s for better apps, but I know the real reason: they want to play “Words”; they want that sense of belonging.

I know what will happen if I take part in the Blackberry version of this game.  I will join a Words-Wannabe network, and then they will all leave me for Apple and I will be the last one left manning the Scrabble board. Scrabble solitaire is depressing and offers no challenge. I might not be the most valuable tile on the board when it comes to intelligence, but I think I can outwit myself with some kind of strategy without much difficulty.

I think what bothers me most about  not being invited to play the real “Words” game , is that  I sort of feel rejected. I am not in a club that many people have entrance too.  Usually, I handle rejection well. After all, I am a writer; rejection is an everyday part of my life, but when my own family won’t let me in to their game — well, it hurts.  How ungrateful are they? I keep this house buzzing. I do laundry and clean and slave over a microwave most nights and for what?  To be told I am not allowed to play their game?

Honestly, I think they are afraid; I think they know that if I get the iPhone on my next upgrade I will crush them into the ground. I will make them rue the day they tried to compete with me in any vocabulary game. Yes, I think they fear my word knowledge.  I will even go one step forward: I think they are purposely stealing my cell phone upgrades to keep me out of their game.  What kind of family do I have anyway?  I think I need to take some drastic action.  Who do these Words Snobs think they are?

Well, no more Ms. Nice Guy. I am going to keep track of my upgrade and not tell them when I get my iPhone. Then, I’m going to surprise them and start playing “Words with Friends” with strangers.  I will form my own game network and not invite them to play. Then, at dinner when my iPhone bings with a new word, they will look at each other in puzzled disbelief knowing that I have friends too who want to play with only me.

Okay, there is a possibility that I am being too sensitive over this whole “Words” game business.  It might not be that they are purposefully trying to keep me out of their iPhone world.  It could be that it is just the way the cell phone world is right now. They are on the inside; I am not.  They have iPhone friends; I do not.  They have “Words with Friends” to play on their phone and I have Bejeweled.   Damn, I want a new phone, and if I can’t have that right now, I at least want a new family until I can get a new phone.


I just found out that social media understands my plight. Recently, Facebook introduced an app for Words with Friends, but it still does not let my family off the hook.


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10 thoughts on “There Are No “Words With Friends” — At Least for Me”

    1. Wow, Santa really does get you. Is Santa an engineer? I guess that is plausible since he has to navigate that sled to go around the world in less than 24 hours.

  1. And that is why I downloaded Angry Birds to my Kindle Fire!! The ONLY way my family can play is if I allow them to play, muuuuuaaaaaahhhhh, eh, that’s my evil villain laugh . . .

  2. You tell ’em! Let them know just how much they have made you suffer, and boy will they be sorry!

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