Transylvanian Desserts

My neighbor invited me to a baking party she was hosting for some friends who all hail from Transylvania or as they call it “the old country”.  The women are going to make their favorite family-recipe  desserts.  I am trying to get out of this. First, I know nothing about Transylvania except that it is the home of Dracula, and so my imagination is running wild about the type of desserts on the menu. I am envisioning Lily Munster’s spider cookies or blood-flavored scones. Secondly, I don’t bake well.  In a kitchen with these very accomplished bakers, I  think I might stand out like the proverbial square peg in a round hole or at the very least a lesbian at  Chick-Fil-A.

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7 thoughts on “Transylvanian Desserts”

  1. Whoa, baking with folks from Transylvania? You’d better be baking Hot “Cross” Buns, just to be on the safe side! LOL.

  2. I think you should go and take some pictures of this momentous event and then post the pics on the site. C’mon, there’s gotta be some serious material in it!

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