Views and Vows

Sugartastic Daddy John has always been a ladies man. One of his many problems is that he’s married to 87 ladies and as you can imagine, this creates its own set of unique problems. Never one to let greed get in the way, he was all set to get married to lady no. 88 when out of the blue he decided that marriage wasn’t for him. Three of his friends were getting married yesterday and he took one picture of their happiness which made him reconsider his views as well as his vows:


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3 thoughts on “Views and Vows”

  1. Like they say marriage is an institution and some are not ready to be institutionalized yet,lol! 😉

  2. Well, those men look like they are on their way to an execution. They do not look like the happy bridegroom at all. I cannot believe that Daddy John soured all of them on marriage! 🙂

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