Sarah Palin: American Schools Have Been Infiltrated by Al Gebra

Former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin wrote an editorial in the Wasilla Times to “alert the country” to “the disturbing fact” that “Al Gebra” has infiltrated American schools.

Al Gebra in training

An exerpt:

“You may not have heard of it, but Al Gebra, as many of us know, and you can google this on yahoo, has its roots in the Muslim world. And if you look at the history with the teacher’s unions and their scientists, it has infiltrated American schools all over the country, and it’s been growing increasingly influential in school and school-type activities more and more as the years go on and we need to counter it with our American ideals and values and at the end of the day it’s got to be about job creation. I personally know myself about school and learning. I went to school at 5 different colleges so these are the kinds of things that I have had exposure to and about and henceforth we as Americans have to make a stand against this creeping Sharia-type influence. It’s got to be about good old American learning and not some imported Middle East Muslim kinds of ideas.

Of course we all know about Al Qaeda, so we should obviously be suspicious here as well. As I understand it, this Al Gebra is all about learning about the unknown. And where I come from and where most real Americans come from in your middle America and not your Middle East, we learn about the unknown from our churches and God and the Holy Bible and I don’t know how long this Al Gebra has been influencing our learning, but it’s probably since we took God out of the schools and started thinking that other countries know about things and allowed this foreign way of finding about the unknown to take hold in our schools across this great land of America and freedom. We can’t allow these kinds of “variable manipulations” to be done with our young daughters. It’s absolutely sick.”

Messages have been left with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, but as of yet there has been no comment on these serious accusations from the former governor. This reporter will continue to follow this important story as details emerge.

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6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: American Schools Have Been Infiltrated by Al Gebra”

  1. I hated algebra when I was in high school. I was paying so little attention in class, I don’t even know how I passed it, but I did. Anyone who wants to rid our schools of the scourge of the most boring math class in the world is doing something right, even if it is an idiot like Sarah Palin. 😉

  2. OK, I read the except and find little evidence to support her claim: “I personally know myself about school and learning.” This seems to be more about Al Jibberish!

    1. I understand Sarah wants to get rid of any Arabic influence in our schools and culture. This would, of course, mean eliminating or replacing words that start with “Al”. So, what to do about “Al Aska”? BTW, don’t “aska” Sarah; she’s busy trying to create a non-arabic numeral system for the US! Maybe something like Roman numerals…

      1. Have you ever tried to do even simple arithmetic using Roman numerals? It’s amazing how the Romans were able to conquer everyone around them and keep the empire going for so long, considering that they probably spent a lot of time counting on their fingers.

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