50 Shades of Grey: Not Just Fun Sex

By: RachelH_

Ohio State University released results from a study that said the main characters in 50 Shades of Grey are not just in a relationship involving bondage and sadomasochism. In fact, their relationship is consistent with one of  Intimate Partner Violence because Christian Grey is guilty of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

I wonder how much money this research study cost. Next week, Ohio State University is going to do a study supporting their theory that rain makes things wet.

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7 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey: Not Just Fun Sex”

  1. Can’t say I’ve read the books. Can’t say I can read. I think I’ll wait for the film so I can say “I believe the books are so much better!”

    1. Mario, I think you should suggest it to them and get a grant and just put a mask on Gregory and let him be Curious George. Apparently, these professors will not tell the difference.

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