A Halloween Pop Quiz

What do you do if you bought a lot of Halloween candy and only about eight kids came around trick-or-treating?

(a) Put the extra candy in the cupboard and keep it until next Halloween

(b) Put the extra candy in the cupboard, give it out at Easter and hope nobody will notice that it is stale Halloween candy

(c) Melt it down and use it to remove unwanted hair

(d) Eat it and get really fat

(e) Anything else that anyone comes up with

When you have finished, please place your answer below, then leave quietly so that those who are still working on this problem will not be distracted.

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8 thoughts on “A Halloween Pop Quiz”

    1. I heartily approve of eating all the candy.

      I think I know a couple of Wiccans. I could ask them if they wouldn’t mind taking the rap for candy theft, but I don’t think that would appeal to them too much. They have enough problems already.

  1. I like C as well; just melt it down then lick your upper lip. No more hair with lots of fiber.

    1. Easy is right. I have been dipping into that big stash the last few days, just a few pieces at a time. For my own good, I had better get it out of the house and into the mouths of other people.

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