A&E Network Shocked That Redneck in Redneck Reality Show Holds Redneck Beliefs

The A&E Television Network has suspended a leading redneck in their wildly popular reality show about rednecks doing redneck things. In a recent magazine interview, the leading redneck was quoted as saying the types of things you’d probably expect a redneck to say. Backlash was widespread and pronounced, especially from people who would never in a million years watch a show with so many rednecks in it.


On Wednesday evening, A&E released this statement to Entertainment Weekly:
“We are extremely shocked and disappointed to have read our redneck show’s redneck comments about how he holds the type of redneck views which make this show such a hilarious hit. We usually find his brand of redneck ruminations to be fascinating and that’s the main reason our redneck show features rednecks. But these comments really came out of left field. We had no idea that rednecks might hold redneck views. We’re dumbfounded.”

Following the news of the redneck’s suspension, a tweet from the account of redneck Sarah Palin defended the other redneck, saying…oh, who the hell cares, really?

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3 thoughts on “A&E Network Shocked That Redneck in Redneck Reality Show Holds Redneck Beliefs”

  1. Painted faces in that picture. Heading out to the redneck minstrel show.

    “Ah, yes, I’m yearnin’ for the time when darkies liked to be out in the field singing and they didn’t complain about no white men.

    A time when we could dress up like Amos and Andy and have a good ol’ laugh.

    And we could hunt ducks with lead bullets and no guvment gave me any guff about it.”

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