Airport Baggage Claim Jagoffs

One lady that is doing it correctly.

At the airport baggage claim, why do people have to stand right at the edge of the conveyor belt in the way of EVERYONE ELSE who is trying to pick up their bags? Can’t these people see their homemade curly-glittery-red-ribbon handle markers from 3 feet back and simply step in when it comes around? Its not like ya paid for a front row seat!!!







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7 thoughts on “Airport Baggage Claim Jagoffs”

  1. (raises hand, lowers head) – sorry, that’s me. But I do it out of concern for my fellow passengers. If I didn’t stand close to the belt so I could whip off my bags, I would knock everyone down like bowling pins as I chased my bags around the conveyor belt. Why? Because I can’t run and lift at the same time, especially when I’m dragging little kids with me.

  2. Mr. YaJagoff, two years ago, I landed at the Pitssburgh Airport and I hovered to get my bag at the belt but guess what no hot pink suitcase. Everybody left and my eye caught something to the left– the baggage office and there in that office was my suitcase. I could see it! Miraculously, it flew to Pittsburgh ahead of me! It was on an earlier flight. If I didn’t hover, I never would have noticed the office.

  3. I admit that I am one of the people who will stand right up against the carousel. In my defense, however, I will make room for someone who needs to get in to claim a bag. I guess that makes me a half-jagoff!

    1. LOL… we are all performers of Jagoffery at some point in our lives… its the ones that don’t apologize or recognize their wrong doings that make them an actual Jagoff!

  4. And they shoulder up and give you the stink-face when you try and step in to get your bags. I always forget that they are so much more important than I am.

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