Bring me a higher ground.

The Bill Y college years were interesting years for these were the years I first invested all of my time, trying to understand how magnets work. There are those among us who spend their life inexplicably trying to understand the existence of a higher being. My higher being happens to be magnets. I’m often asked why I know so little and it’s not really a fair question. I may know little about how to make a sandwich or how water freezes but I do know that I can get a sandwich at Subway and that cold showers are not fun. I’ll never forget the time my research paper was graded because I have this note to remind me of that eventful day:


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4 thoughts on “Bring me a higher ground.”

    1. I know a teacher who doesn’t like that I refer to myself in the third person so much. I told her that Bill Y couldn’t give a damn what she thinks! More on this later.

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