Cause and Effect

 There’s no point in using different words to make the same point so I won’t. Decisions have outcomes. Actions have consequences. What we choose to do today has an effect on tomorrow. When Sugartastic Daddy John got married to wife no. 27, he made his new bride very happy. How he has time for the other 26, we’ll never know. Thirsty Dave made a vow that he would never drink non alcoholic alcohol. One day his liver will not be happy at this decision but until that day, he soldiers on like a soldier. Jill Y decided to remain in college when her friends went out partying night after night. She’s now a Scientist and knows lots of big words. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were talking about signing a contract and the decisions they made that day affected their futures in very different ways:


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4 thoughts on “Cause and Effect”

  1. So Jill Y is a scientist? I knew she was a smart girl! Plus she supports your hatred of Bon Jovi so a marriage made in heaven. On the Hans Solo front, I heard that Harrison Ford got his own dressing room but Mark Hamill had to use the Little Boys room to change too! I guess it’s true. Who your agent is makes a difference!

    1. Don’t let Jill Y hear you mention marriage Don Don’s. Like something that is tactile, it’s a touchy subject!

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