Collective Unconscious

This week HO presents Humor Meets Sci-Fi and we are proud to post this one which was created for the 24-Hour Film Race

This is a short film from the team “The Cunning Stunts”, exploring the concepts of time travel and alternate dimensions and realities, created for the 2013 24 Hour Film Race.

In a dysotopian future, everything in life is controlled and manipulated by the government, and everything plays out to a set of rules. Time travel is very much present, however an individual existing in the same time as a past form of themselves creates a time flux in which the individual cannot continue to exist. The future self receives notice of their impending death if their past self dies from this cause. The film is, however, open to interpretation, so draw whatever conclusions you may.

The 24 Hour Film Race is an annual competition challenging teams of filmmakers to create a short film (4 minutes or less) in 24 hours. This means everything from conceptualization and writing, to film, to post production. Teams are assigned a theme, prop and action at the start of the race, all of which must be used in their film

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“Collective Unconscious”
Created by the ‘The Cunning Stunts’ ; Starring: Daniel Howard, Braden Paes, Pete Seadon
Directed by: Scott Sikma
Producer: Gianna Isabella
Director of Photography: Steven Hayes



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