No Pope, No Rules

If you happen to be a Catholic, you know we are now in the season of Lent. That means no meat on Fridays and you have to give something up you enjoy for 40 days and 40 nights. A friend challenged me to give up my favorite cupcakes and I foolishly accepted that challenge.

However, something occurred to me. Technically, there is no Pope right now since the old guy retired and decided to move in with Gandalf. There’s no papal leadership to guide our souls. There’s no one to tell us how evil Harry Potter books are, or what movies not to see. It’s spiritual anarchy.

The way I see it, until smoke comes out of that magic chimney, the rules of Lent shouldn’t apply. Speaking of which: Hey, Cardinals, I’m all for tradition but would it kill you to send an email? Indians don’t even use smoke signals anymore and they invented the damn things. So until I get a text announcing the big news (OMG!! Guess who’s wearing pointy hat now?? U won’t believe it!!), I’m going to do whatever I want.

Anyone want to join me Friday for a steak dinner and a dozen cupcakes?

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9 thoughts on “No Pope, No Rules”

  1. Since you are supposed to give up something you love for Lent, and since most Catholics seem to love guilt — I suggest you lay off the guilty feelings for at least a month. Do what you want, especially with chocolate!

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