Not A Leg To Stand On

Today’s News: In Pretoria, South Africa Oscar Pistorius continues to be investigated for the murder of his model girlfriend. The main focus being argued is if the Olympian charged with killing his girlfriend is a flight risk. After brief deliberation Counsel decided that Pistorius was free to go until his preliminary hearing however his prosthetic legs were remanded into custody and denied bail. Leaving the court house the press overheard Pistorius mumble, “When I get my legs back I’m going to kick their asses!!”

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10 thoughts on “Not A Leg To Stand On”

    1. Yup Kathy and I bet his lawyers are asking for bail to be lowered by 3/4 percent! But all kidding aside – innocent until proven guilty. We shall see!

  1. When I first heard the news that he was been investigated for the murder of his model girlfriend, I honestly thought the story was about a model of his girlfriend! True story!

    1. Me too Donna! Maybe he and Lance can hang out! Oh wait . . . Lance can’t ride anymore and Oscar can’t walk. Yes I’m going to burn in hell for my mocking.

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