Observations on Orange Is the New Black

Parade-online-logo-w-boxForget Elvis for a moment, because Netflix and writer/producer Jenji Kohan have made a new kind of jailhouse rock without a sexy singer swiveling his hips. As the success of Orange Is the New Black soars, it has become increasingly clear that America loves its television behind bars. From Sheriff Andy Taylor’s digs (Who didn’t love Otis?) to the set of Prison Break, we’re fascinated by the bad behaving badly. This also explains reality shows. Actually, if the incarcerated characters of a reality show ever landed in the same cell block, I’m sure someone would suggest a spin-off. In the meantime, spend your time catching great quality writing, editing and acting on Orange Is the New Black.  Read more about my Orange Is The New Black psycho-analysis (note: this is not a psychological term) here.

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3 thoughts on “Observations on Orange Is the New Black”

  1. My wife and I have watched 8 or 9 episodes now and are addicted. Amazing funny, considering the context! But it has strengthened our plans to not visit prison as an inmate!

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