Platitudinal Relationship Advice Becomes Viral Sensation

A Minneapolis husband has found viral fame with his recent blog post entitled “How To Treat Her Good.” Shared millions of times across Twitter and Facebook, “How To Treat Her Good” offers some amazing relationship tips from a fresh perspective on how to keep a marriage going strong.

Treet her good

A few of the scintillating gems in the brilliantly written post:

* “Don’t beat her. Women don’t like to be beaten and it could even be illegal depending on where you live”

* “Don’t buy her cleaning supplies for her birthday”

* “Lift the seat before you pee and put it down again when your [sic] done”

* “Treat her the way you would like to be treated”

* “Buy her things. Lots of things. Women love things. The more expensive and plentiful the better.”

* “Admire her hips for the ability to give birth”

* “Remind her that she looks beautiful in all colors and patterns, and that her butt is just the right size”

* “Admit that whatever measly offerings you bring to the relationship pale in comparison to her amazing gifts”

* “Be nice to her”

* “Be nice to her” (He wrote this line twice to stress how important it is!)

The post was shared almost 98% by women, some of whom provided an accompanying comment.

“It put into plain words everything that I felt about my relationship. I’ve always told my husband that he didn’t treat me good, but here it is all spelled out what’s wrong with him!”

“It’s like a lightbulb…or a spotlight…or some kind of light type thing that I hope makes my husband see the…well, light.”

One man agreed to have his comment published:

“It was really an eye opener. Here I was all of these years treating my wife…not good…when I really should have been treating her… good… Thank you so much!”

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6 thoughts on “Platitudinal Relationship Advice Becomes Viral Sensation”

  1. Good and bad are complex concepts

    But I only hit her once a week!” might be seen as something good from the wife-beater who gives his spouse a daily dose.

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