Stop doing that and shut the duck up.

I went to feed the ducks today. I didn’t feed them food because they had just come back from a barbecue but I did feed them information. I told them that they should get themselves online and start using social media more. Apparently the management company that looks after the pond can’t be contacted and their wi-fi has been down for ages. They asked me to do them a favour and I said I would, so this is for the dumb girls out there:


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8 thoughts on “Stop doing that and shut the duck up.”

  1. There was a time when even stupid girls would be insulted if someone told them they looked like a duck. Have times really changed that much?

    1. I’m the same myself Mario. I have to say I’m overwhelmed by the support they’re getting so far.

  2. I’m glad ducks finally spoke up. I hope they start to mock in their photos and do stupid girl face.

    1. I’m just happy to be the spokesperson for the ducks. I told them I’d try and make feeding ducks cool again but don’t know where to start with that one!

  3. I know some might think the ducks a bit arrogant but all in all, I think very sage advice and stupid girls should listen to them so their lips don’t wind up permanently in that duck position which for ducks is attractive but for humans – not so much!

    1. I’m so glad that you’re with me on this Don Don’s. Do you want to start the Facebook page or will I do it?

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