Survey: Does this look like the French flag?

When life gives you lemons, find a way to increase their value and sell those bad boys. If you ask Thirsty Dave what he thinks about lemons, he would probably ask if they’re filled with alcohol. If you told him that they didn’t contain alcohol, he would probably end the conversation there and then and crawl back under his rock. If you asked me about lemons, I doubt if I would care enough to even look at you. If you asked Scurvy Jane about lemons, she would probably ask about their vitamin C content because that’s something that means a lot to her. Sometimes you might want to know something but you might hate people and have a serious desire, not to talk to them. in times like this, one option is to conduct a survey:


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6 thoughts on “Survey: Does this look like the French flag?”

    1. I’ve stopped trying to figure out how my brain works Don Don’s. It’s going to do what it does and I’ve little control over it. If it keeps me out of prison until Christmas, I’ll be happy!

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