‘Tis the season for WOOOOOing

By: Paul Cross

Not the romantic kind, the in-your-face and obnoxious kind of wooing that takes place during any sports event or if you’re in a wide shot on television. The holidays bring out the worst in this kind of behavior, but why? What forces the WOO when in a group and you’re out in public. Do we woo at any other time except the playoffs at home? Do we automatically drop our jaws and expel that sound during situations like watching a home birth or as we’re being rolled into surgery? No, we save the WOO for mob scenes on the plaza of the Today Show, or on the rare occasions that we paint our chests the colors of our alma mater and support our team with our tribal scream.

I’m not a fan of the WOO. There must be a better way to show solidarity, but my suggestions of “Well done!” and “Looky here!” go unnoticed in crowds. Thank goodness for my orange and black painted boobs during Oregon State games, or else I’d just blend into the mob.

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