Vintage Halloween WTF-ery



Maybe it was the cocaine talkin’, but Halloween costumes took a decidedly creepy turn in the early 20th century. With most costumes made from what was laying around the house — bicycle parts, kitchen cutlery, even empty oil drums — their creativity beats our warmed over witches any year. My era of 70s plastic masks with tiny eye holes and insufficient airways made me look like a weenie compared to these party people.






bat girl


Shrunken heads SMartin


Photo collection of Steve Martin

Skull sisters








Photo collection from Flickr, Tumblr, other assorted sites online missing that final “e.”

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16 thoughts on “Vintage Halloween WTF-ery”

  1. What the HELL are those things supposed to be with the shaggy bear bodies and mutated horse heads? I will not sleep for a week. O.o

  2. The one near the bottom of the three women? Do NOT look in their attic. They appear far too comfortable in those masks.

  3. Great photos! I think I remember a story in the news about the guy dressed as the chicken. Something involving a case of mistaken identity, a deep fryer and a third grader who thought he had discovered the world’s largest wishbone.

  4. Those are totally BOSS costumes!!! But you can’t fool me.. I know it’s Graham family portraits in most of those pictures. Found online, indeed. 😉

  5. I like the people looking through the holes in the sheet and the guy with the buffalo head.

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