Weiner’s Sexting Puts Him into Another Tight Spot

By: David Boyle

NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, who still has not found the shut off button for either his penis or his smartphone, has admitted to sexting a 22 year-old woman.   As you might recall, Weiner had to resign from congress two years ago because of another sex scandal. This time Weiner says he will not give up his political aspirations because  he  believes  New Yorkers do not want him to pull out early. They would rather he pump up his campaign and see the race to the climactic finish.   Is it me or do sex-addicted politicians named Weiner make reading the news a lot more fun?

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6 thoughts on “Weiner’s Sexting Puts Him into Another Tight Spot”

  1. If I were Weiner and Elliot Spitzer, I’d try to get somebody like Whitey Bulger to run for office in NY State – maybe take the heat off a little.

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