Everyone Wants An Edge

By: Dennis Yang

An Assistant Football Coach at the University of Connecticut recently caused a stir in the press. He told The Hartford Courant that “Jesus Christ should be in the center of our huddle.”

If you’ve ever seen the Uconn team play, you’ll know why they could use the help.

The president of the university rebuked the coach for the statement. But the problem isn’t with the public school appearing to endorse a particular religion. No, it’s academic — nobody can find Jesus’s transcripts, so they don’t know if his grades are good enough to allow him to play.

And you can bet his addition would be more divisive than helpful. Just picture the quarterback in the huddle saying, “No, no, we’re are NOT doing the Hail Mary pass again! They’re catching onto that.”

I’ll bet God doesn’t like competition. He probably wants us to stop trying to “win” and start helping each other, lest we end up like the Uconn football team.

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2 thoughts on “Everyone Wants An Edge”

  1. Can you just imagine the gate receipts if Jesus was on your team? We’re talking serious shackles here!

  2. Very funny but I think God loves competition. If he didn’t how do you explain the whole plagues thing on Egypt or the crusades. Pretty much everything is about Him winning and others losing. I wouldn’t want to play against him in the Super Bowl although each side seems to think he is on their team, so tough to figure out unless he is on the side of the bookies?

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