Hackers Give Us Naked Jennifer Lawrence Photos


This weekend Jennifer Lawrence became the latest celebrity to have naked pictures they took of themselves on their iPhone leaked online. Apparently, she was one of many celebrities whose Apple iCloud account was hacked this weekend. She joins an illustrious group that includes Scarlett Johansson and Kaley Cuoco.

I don’t understand why celebrities who know they’re the constant targets of hackers take nude selfies on their cell phones. Why not use a regular digital camera that can’t be hacked? Or, better yet, have Leonardo DiCaprio sketch you and lock the finished product away in a safe.

I have also been a victim of this heinous cybercrime. My iPhone contained naked pictures of me and was hacked. Except instead of leaking the photos online, the hackers deleted them.

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15 thoughts on “Hackers Give Us Naked Jennifer Lawrence Photos”

  1. Be happy they chose to delete yours Mario; they posted mine with circles,arrows and the caption Ewwww. 🙁

  2. “…why not have Leonardo DiCaprio sketch you…” hahaha! Exactly! Why do celebrities have naked pics hovering around in the cloud? Look, there are things we mere mortals can’t do because we’re not famous, like vacationing at our summer cottages in the Hamptons. And there are some things that -gasp- celebs can’t do, like keeping naked photos stored on their iPhones. Can’t have it all, JLaw.

  3. But Mario, you weren’t wearing an expensive piece of jewelry that everyone was looking for around your neck. That makes a big difference. 😉

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