How to turn a horse into a horsedog in one easy step.

We’ll start by saying that this is not, not cruel but most fun things are. Step one: Show your son or daughter (in my case I’ll be using my imaginary son) a picture of a chilled out moving horse. Here’s one we made earlier:


For added evilness you might want to give the horse a name. This has the effect of making the horse real. Now here’s the really cool part: Distract the kid long enough to replace the horse with something else you prepared earlier, a la Horsedog:


Next, allow the kid to look at the new picture and watch the mass confusion as he/she tries to figure out how the nice moving horsey has become a static horse dog. NB: Please note that some 5 year olds may cry as they just cannot seem to figure out what happened to the horsey. If this happens, tell him/her to shut up and grow up.



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    1. It’s like antibiotics. Far too much antibiotics are prescribed and the body becomes used to them and then they become useless. No imaginary son of mine is going to grow up full of antibiotics!

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