Ask a Terrier: Mark of the Hallmark

Professional Advice from a Licensed Dog Hello, Budleigh! Big fan of Hallmark Christmas Movies here. I’m excited that 40 new titles are slated over the holiday season, which according to Hallmark began in July. While Hallmark’s programming is enjoyable, several issues distract … Continue reading

Don’t Worry. He’s Vicious…

Whether to walk a dog leashed or off leash is roiling into the sort of controversy not seen since America asked itself, “Who shot J.R.?” Many still suspect it was an off-leash dog. At issue is the legality of walking unleashed dogs in leashed areas. No, wait! It’s that leashed dogs must be … Continue reading

Beloved Wolverine

Our 7 year old daughter wanted a dog. Hey, we all did. The result was Cassie, an innocent little border collie puppy. But was the innocence a scam? She gnawed at the metal partitions in her crate. She nipped at my daughter’s heels with sharp puppy teeth, relentlessly herding her, in tears, into … Continue reading