Kathy’s Points to Remember

Desktop ComputerPeople are smarter than computers. We just pretend to be dumber so we won’t make the machines feel bad about themselves.

Your computer will never crash until you are almost finished with that super important document that could change your life forever – the one you have been forgetting to save.

The number of people who are capable of making full use of a computer is in reverse ratio to the average age of the users. The same goes for cell phones and digital cameras.

iPadPeople used to carry pens and paper if they wanted to write things down or take notes. Now they carry big laptops and iPads and tablets. Nobody ever has a pen when they need one. Sometimes progress sucks.

If computers are supposed to create a paperless society, why do I keep having to buy expensive toner for my printer?

Remember when phones were just for talking? Boring, wasn’t it.

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9 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember”

  1. I wouldn’t be caught without a pen in my coat or jacket pocket, and at least one more in the car. I still don’t trust that newfangled technology stuff.

  2. My computer would make a good frisbee. I’d love to give it a toss and see where it crashes. So, maybe I should rephrase that. I’d like to make my computer into a frisbee.

    1. You can always make a computer crash. Whether it could fly like a frisbee or not remains to be seen. Would you like to perform the experiment and report on it for us? 😉

  3. I’m so happy that these are back. I’ve always thought people are smarter than computers. Well, obviously not the people I know but people who matter and those who can read and stuff.

    1. Awww! You missed my Points to Remember! I’ll have to write more of them from now on.

  4. These are true, but slightly depressing observations for those of us in the 40 and over age category…I believe that according to your post, although my IQ is quite high, when it comes to tech, I need to hire an aide to help me out…preferably one in their teens…

    1. And let’s face it — our ages are also a good excuse. We can get other people to do our tech work for us, and, aside from some eye-rolling and remarks about “aging brains,” nobody blames us!

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