NASA Releases Stunning Pictures of Mars Which Just Look Like a Lot of Dirt

Yesterday, NASA released dozens of stunning photos which were taken from the Mars rover. The images rapidly went viral, being shared millions of times over social media, despite appearing to be just pictures of orange dirt.


NASA spokesman Aaron Davidstein released a brief statement:

“Frankly, we’re tickled pink here over how excited the public is about this. I’ve said all along that you just have to show the average person a really good specimen of a sedimentary rock composition overlaid upon a large concentration of feldspar with a quartz-like uplift and they can’t get enough. The passion the average person has for science is amazing. The excitement for these photos proves it! I am now extremely optimistic for the future of science.”

Several people were asked randomly about the photos:

“They said it’s Mars. So…that’s like… another planet, right?”

“I think it’s cool because they said Mars couldn’t be a planet anymore. But now with these pictures proving that it is right there, they have to let it be a planet again!”

“We finally found out where they get all of the Tang!”

“I don’t know, really. Looks kind of like my backyard in Arizona. But everyone was sharing it and saying it was amazing, so I did too because I didn’t want to look not smart.”

NASA expects that more astounding pictures will be released in the coming months.

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6 thoughts on “NASA Releases Stunning Pictures of Mars Which Just Look Like a Lot of Dirt”

    1. Technically, Georgia isn’t on Mars; in reality it may as well be the same thing (said the girl from Tennessee.)

  1. I’m still recovering from the shocking news that less than half of American adults know that 1) the Earth revolves around the sun AND 2) it does this once a year! Our science education is toast (or is THAT what’s in the picture above?)!

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