NJ Fossil Find Yields Stunning Dinosaur Extinction Theory

Trampled for a flat stone?
Trampled for a flat stone?

A dinosaur fossil site just behind a strip mall in New Jersey has baffled scientists for many years. Now a team of paleontologists claims to have solved the mystery of why so many bones are buried on the site.

The scientists believe that the dinosaurs were trampled underfoot on a prehistoric Black Friday.

“We know that this site has been used as a shopping center for thousands of years,” said Dr Terry Tibia, Chief Paleontologist, Delaware Gap University, Delaware. “But why the remains of so many dinosaurs should be packed into such a small area has eluded us up until now.”

The team excavated a large structure adjacent to the dinosaur pit. Artifacts such as tools, animal carcasses, primitive jewelry, and weapons indicate that this was an important center for trade.

“It’s a prehistoric mall, and we found some tablets with carvings of crazed people running towards it. The shoppers appear to be using axes and cudgels to get there first,” said Tibia. One tablet depicts a frenzied group of people running away with two highly-prized flat stones. “This is clearly a special trading day with two-for-one sales,” said Tibia.

The paleontologists surmise that dinosaurs living in the immediate area were caught in the rush. “Even though the animals weighed a couple of tons and included some fearsome beasts they didn’t stand a chance,” said Tibia.

Similar finds in other parts of the world could explain why dinosaurs suddenly disappeared from the planet. Conventional wisdom suggests that the beasts were destroyed by a massive meteor strike.

“But this latest evidence points to something very different. We now think that Black Friday killed them off,” said Tibia. “Ancient man shopped while the dinosaurs dropped.”

Image: Wikimedia


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