Percussive Repercussions.

I stand by my actions and insist I did no wrong. When Jill Y sends me to the store, she knows she has to be specific when telling me what to get. I got everything on the list and even bought her a bunch of flowers. I don’t see why I have to bring the steel drum back:


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8 thoughts on “Percussive Repercussions.”

  1. Steel drums make beautiful music if you learn how to play them. Learning to play music involves the brain, which, in turn, keeps your brain cells young and active. Therefore, do not return the steel drum, unless you want your brain to wither and die before its time.

    Besides, if you ever take a trip to the Caribbean, you will fit right in with the locals.

    1. I’m so tempted to show her this Kathy but knowing my luck, you two will become friends and nothing good can come of that! 😉

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