Stress Reliever

I think I really scared the new girl in work today and not in a good way. She mentioned that she thought my cell phone was cool. I told her that a phone is merely a possession but that talking to me, would enrich her life to such an extent that she would leave work and became an independent astronaut. There was nothing unusual in the conversation to me for this is how I speak to people but she looked at me as if I might not be serious so I decided there and then that we’re not going to be friends. Who does she think she is? Talking to me and expecting sense! How dare she? I was frustrated. I had no choice but to grab ten bucks and go and yell at Thirsty Dave for 20 minutes:


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7 thoughts on “Stress Reliever”

    1. He should just ask for payment in beer, I mean that’s what he’s going to do with the money anyway!

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