Topless Jennifer Lawrence

It wasn’t me. I know it looks like it was but I was framed. When I got into work this morning, it’s true that they were on my desk but I didn’t put them there. This looks like something Bon Jovi would do to stop me, stopping them from making that so-called music that they insist on inflicting on the world. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Jennifer Lawrence fan. We all should be because she has it going on. I don’t even know what Apple iCloud Keychain 256-bit AES encryption is, never mind cryptographic operations for data protection key management. I’m prepared to take a polygraph or even a lie detector test to prove that I might be partially innocent under certain 16th century tribal laws. I can categorically prove that I might not have done this at all and if I did, I more than likely was under the influence of something that Thirsty Dave drinks on a daily basis. Okay, maybe it was me but I don’t remember so I’m denying it and until you find the pictures on my hard drive, you can’t prove a thing:


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8 thoughts on “Topless Jennifer Lawrence”

    1. Thanks Keith, I’m soooooo happy that someone else has seen right through the Jovi attempt at framing Bill Y. You’re obviously a highly intelligent dude who sees through shenanigans.

    1. Ah Don Don’s what’s that innocent until you wear the t-shirt thingy? However, I can well understand why you might draw this conclusion. I was thinking about putting up topless Patrick Stewart tomorrow but common sense prevailed.

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