What We Learned from the Super Bowl XLVIII

Each year, the Super Bowl offers us so many lessons, and this year is no different. Allow me to present to you the lessons of Super Bowl  XLVIII

By: MarineCorps NewYork

1 .No matter how he tried, Peyton Manning could not get Chris Christie to block off the bridges to keep the Seattle Seahawks out of MetLife Stadium in NJ–even with Papa John money.

2. The NFL allowed all the American patriotic commercials so that once and for all we can prove to the world that the US is filled with only really nice people  and not the violent gunslingers  they see on their news every night.

3. The Denver Broncos in NJ were not the real Denver Broncos. Subs had to be brought in after the real players got stuck in the plane’s lavatory after they mistakenly thought the Mile-High Club was their fan club.

4. Thunder, the Broncos ’ horse mascot, is now filing suit against the NFL because his day of stardom was overshadowed by the Clydesdales and that cute Yellow Lab puppy in the Budweiser Best Buds commercial.

5. It turns out that Seattle superstar Richard Sherman is really 60’s TV and pop music icon Bobby Sherman who starred in the Seattle-based TV show “Here Comes the Brides.”


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8 thoughts on “What We Learned from the Super Bowl XLVIII”

  1. My friend D. paid for my Sunday morning breakfast at our favorite diner, with the stipulation that I would watch the Super Bowl. I considered that a dare, so, for the first time in my life, I watched it.

    I was handsomely rewarded in the victory of the Seattle Seahawks. I was raised in Washington State, so they are the closest thing I had to a home team.

  2. And #5 scars you for life. I took away a little lesson myself via an interaction with someone who works at a bank (but wasn’t supposed to reveal which bank, probably due to kidnapping concerns): if you have to be at work at 6am Monday, don’t power down the beers Sunday nite!

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