When “days of the week” socks go wrong.

A smart man once said something I didn’t listen to. That smart man was me but I never listen to myself so there’s nothing new there. If the sound of my voice is half as irritating to others as it is to me, people who I talk to, should wear earplugs. I was telling Scurvy Jane about our imaginary daughters’ socks but the scurvy one had an allergic reaction to my voice and her skin broke out in a rash. All I wanted to say was this:


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10 thoughts on “When “days of the week” socks go wrong.”

    1. I have a lot of “Sun” socks myself. Yesterday my imaginary daughter was wearing two odd socks that read “Sun Turd” and I don’t even know if that’s a thing!

  1. I thought imaginary kids, like imaginary friends, couldn’t be seen. How did this one manage to get her feet photographed?

    1. Interesting questions as always Katherine. The pic above isn’t of my imaginary kid! It is a picture of a real kid and used for illustration purposes only! It’s so hard to get the imaginary kids to stay still for one moment, never mind get a picture of them!

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about the little tikes. A recent study invented by the French showed that nonexistent social trauma and psychological embarrassment in illusory children forced to wear turd socks, had very little…ok it didn’t have any long term effect on their mental transparency.

    1. Exactly, I had turd socks when I was a child and and apart from wetting the beds of other people, I turned out perfect.

      Okay, I’m probably not a great example to turd sock wearing kids but I am pretty awesome!

  3. Imaginary children have so much against them as it is in the real world without socks taking jabs at them too. It’s just a disgrace. You are a great imaginary dad to make us all think!

    1. I’m telling you Don Don’s, I’m taking imaginary parenting to the next level. This time next year, people will look at you in a weird way, if you don’t have imaginary kids!

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