Why the world is in ruins.

I’ve never been accused of being reasonable and I doubt if I ever will. If I were to list all my faults here, it would take you 26 years, 12 weeks and 11 hours to read them. Right now I am mad with madness. The expletives I want to use are vast and only for the self biting of my tongue, you would be reading less than happy words right now. I have no tolerance for those who don’t do things the way I want them to do things and I know its wrong but my way is always the right way.  This is not open to question. Feast your eyes on why the world is in ruins:


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6 thoughts on “Why the world is in ruins.”

    1. Bill Y ain’t got no words to describe how crazy it is.
      Wait a min… I’ve just used words!
      It IS insane!

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